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Passport is due to transfer to a new working platform by the 18th of April 2021. As a result, please ensure you complete any partly completed modules prior to then.

Replacements and substitutions

  • Establishes positive relationships with the relevant team manager or the person administering the replacements and substitutions for a team
  • Receives the replacement/substitution cards from the team manager and checks that it has been fully completed and confirms whether the change is a replacement for injury or a tactical substitution
  • Involves the match doctor where one is present if matters cannot be resolved
  • Communicates with the match referee that a player is being replaced or substituted and receives acknowledgement from the referee that this may occur
  • Ensures that players exiting or entering the field of play do so from the halfway line
  • In Fifteens, utilises the signal boards for the benefit of spectators
  • Ensures that a player entering the field of play does not do so until a substituted player starts moving and is clearly identified
  • Maintains records of replacements and substitutions to ensure compliance with Law
  • Reports any actions contrary to Law or the TZ protocol to the Match Referee
  • After the match, reports any acts of misconduct to the referee/match commissioner/match director as appropriate
  • Ensures that replacements/substitutes warm-up in the correct in-goal area and do so without balls or equipment (save when there are additional warm-up areas when balls and equipment may be used).

Ensure that replacements/substitutes warm-up in the correct in-goal area