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Passport is due to transfer to a new working platform by the 18th of April 2021. As a result, please ensure you complete any partly completed modules prior to then.

Management of personnel in the TZ

Keep an eye on the movements
of water carriers

  • Establishes positive relationships with the permitted TZ personnel
  • Ensures that the water carriers remain in the TZ save for when they are permitted on the field of play
  • Ensures that medical personnel roam on the permitted sides of the pitch in accordance with the protocol
  • Ensures that water is provided to players in accordance with the TZ protocol
  • Ensures personnel not permitted in the TZ do not enter
  • Manages any breaches of the protocol. If breaches continue reports the matters to the match referee
  • After the match, reports any acts of misconduct to the referee/match 
commissioner/match director as appropriate.