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Advance coin toss

At some point before the day of the game, there needs to be a coin toss to determine which team will compete as Team A and which as Team B.

In a tournament situation, this may already have taken place at a pre-tournament meeting, in which case, you’ll need to find out the result of that coin toss.

If it hasn’t taken place, you’ll need to arrange it today.

The winner of the coin toss is determined as being Team A for the match, which means:

Captain’s Run

Team A has first choice of times

Match day coin toss

Team A to call

Playing kit

Team A to have first choice of kit

It’s usual that in the case of a tournament, all pool matches have their advance coin toss before the tournament begins.

For the first match in a knockout stage, the team who qualifies as group winner is normally allocated as Team A.

For semi-finals and final, an advance coin toss would be conducted by the Match Commissioner.