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Delay, postponement or cancellation

In any case of delay, postponement or cancellation, all the match stakeholders and in particular the Tournament Director must be consulted.

When a decision has been made, you must make sure that all the match stakeholders and in particular the teams are informed properly and as soon as reasonably possible.

When a delay/postponement/cancellation decision has been made, you must ensure that all the corresponding procedures as outlined in the Terms of Participation are applied and properly followed.

Factors to take into account to make a decision

  • What is the reason of the issue?
  • Police authorities (security issue) – priority on any other consideration
  • Competition (Teams / Match officials, weather, field of play, etc.)
  • Broadcast
  • When and to whom the information must be communicated?
  • Will the delay have an influence on any following match? In particular, is there a risk to have to postpone the second match to another day?
  • Will the issue imply a cancellation?
  • What are the consequences on:
  • Broadcasting
  • Logistics
  • Crowd
  • Health and safety
  • Match staff
  • Light (for example if there is no floodlighting at the stadium)
  • Match preparation for the teams