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About this document

This resource is intended to support Citing Commissioners (CC’s) to fulfil their role. It provides best practice guidance for the CC pre, during, and post-match. It includes information on sanctions and examples to assist in the determination of foul play which meets (or not) the relevant threshold.

In the event of an incident requiring a CC to consider issuing a citing or a warning, it provides guidance on the decision-making process and the criteria to be applied. If a citation or warning is required, it further provides a sample citing charge and narrative. The Sanction Table from World Rugby Regulation 17 for all Law 9 offences is also attached for reference as an appendix.

This resource should be used:

  • for the training of CCs
  • for professional development of the CC
  • to assist the CC:
  • in preparing for a game
  • with observation and judgement during and after the game
  • with criteria and questions to inform decisions
  • with sample narratives and charges in the event of a citing.

Post-match it is anticipated that a CC will:

  • use the identified process to review the incident piece-by-piece
  • build a description of it
  • compare that description to the Laws and decide whether it is foul play
  • form a judgement as to whether the foul play is dangerous or accidental
  • form a view whether it meets the red card test.