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Information gathering and Investigations

The aim of the CC in the Information gathering and Investigation process is to provide as much accurate information as possible, to assist the subsequent judicial process.

There can be some variability as to who gathers the information but best practice is for the CC to co-ordinate the collecting. The actual gathering may be in person by the CC or by the CCLO if working remotely. Team management and medical staff can also assist.

Match Official reports are also an important to obtain as the Referee, Assistant Referees or the TMO may have valuable information to provide.

The actual co-ordination, on the day, becomes easier if everyone is aware of the nature of the information required and the timeframes that apply.

Tip: The best time for gathering the information is while teams are still at the ground – so get it early! Once teams leave the ground the opportunity to gather information within a reasonable timeframe is more difficult.

Statements made immediately after the incident are also best while memories are fresh which gives the statement more credibility.