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Applying the citing methodology

The process requires you to address the various aspects of the incident in a chronological order, identifying what each participant has done, for example:

  1. Set the Scene;
  2. Describe what the alleged offending player is doing prior to and during the incident;
  3. Describe what was the impacted player was doing;
  4. Describe the physical act
  5. Describe the effect of the act;
  6. Describe what did the match officials did, if anything; and
  7. Describe what did the team medical staff did, if anything.

This will create your description of the incident. Once done, turn to the post-incident consideration.

  1. Describe your actions, calibration/correlation;
  2. Describe your thought processes in detail; and
  3. Set out what your conclusion is regarding the alleged act of foul play.

Two examples are set out below. The first one relates to a lifting (tip) tackle incident and the second one relates to charging with no use of arms.

The Action and Analysis columns are a useful step-by-step process to cover the essential aspects of a citing investigation.