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Passport is due to transfer to a new working platform by the 18th of April 2021. As a result, please ensure you complete any partly completed modules prior to then.

What is the purpose of the training?

The purpose of the training is to harness your legal / rugby knowledge and help you apply it within the disciplinary regime with a view to driving consistent decision-making in line with the Laws, Regulations and refereeing interpretations in the modern game. By the end of the training workshop you should be able to apply the World Rugby disciplinary regime to incidents of Foul Play and sit on and decide cases.

A competency transcript setting out the specific competencies on which you will be assessed is attached as Appendix 1. This document will be used to assess your competency in the relevant areas and any areas you need to focus on or do further work on. You will receive a copy after the workshop and will have the opportunity to discuss and ask questions of the Educator.