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Accumulation of Yellow Cards/Citing Commissioner Warnings

As mentioned above, the other circumstance in which a case can come before a Judicial Officer/ Disciplinary Committee is where a player receives:

  1. a red card for two yellow cards;
  2. two (or more) Citing Commissioner Warnings (CCW) or one (or more) CCWs and one yellow card in the same match; or
  3. any combination of three yellow cards or CCWs in a tournament (or five in a series of Sevens tournaments).

Players should have received copies of the yellow card and CCW forms from the Union or Tournament Organiser responsible for the match shortly after they were issued and have the opportunity at that stage to register a challenge against the card or CCW. If the player has registered a challenge against any/all of the cards/CCWs then the Judicial Officer/Disciplinary Committee will consider the evidence in relation to the card/CCW in question. If the Judicial Officer/Disciplinary Committee decides that one (or more) of the cards/CCWs was incorrectly issued then that card/CCW is dismissed and the player is free to play again. If there is no challenge to any of the cards/CCWs or the Judicial Officer/Disciplinary Committee considers them to have been validly issued, the case moves to sanction (see below).

Hearings are conducted in private (i.e., not open to the media) and should be at least audio recorded (in the event of an appeal).