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High Tackle


  • The referee should assess that foul play has occurred since it is not an accident.
  • It is a high tackle, since the tackler’s arm is used.
  • Head contact has occurred, from the tackler’s shoulder.
  • The degree of danger is high based on the video signs: Arm swings forward prior to contact Preparation - Tackler is attempting an active/dominant tackle, as opposed to passive/soak, or “pulling out” of contact - Tackler speed and/or acceleration into tackle is high
  • Rigid arm or elbow makes contact with the BC head as part of a swinging motion

Initial decision:

Red Card


Factors against: tackler and BC in open space, tackler has clear line of sight and time before contact

Factors for: none

Factors against outweigh factors for so no mitigation and sanction not reduced by one level

Final decision:

Red Card